Secular Chaplain Books

The Little Booklet that started it all. . .
    The Little Booklet that Became. . .
A Popular Little Book
. . .A Little Bigger Book (2001)

I keep stumbling on more responses and reviews for my books.

{It still amazes me that I scribbled out a dozen books in a dozen years!}

I love hearing from readers of my “nature meditation” series beginning with Meditations of John Muir, those who’ve wandered through my 70 Chaplain stories, My Address is a River, survived the journey through the longwinded story of my “deconversion,” Life After Faith, zipped through my little foray into novels, Jesus and John Muir or discovered my little iBook, Nature is Enough.  It’s even rarer to hear from a brave soul who saw my online children’s book, The Greatest Tree of All or my poetry selections in Edge of the Falls.  

I’m not writing books right now, just blogs.  I like the direct interaction of blogs.  

Yet. . .I still enjoy reading what readers have to say.

Here are some recent favorites speaking about my first book:

“I recommended [Meditations of John Muir] to a friend as an introduction to his writings. . . . With such excellent content [in Muir’s writing] I don’t think it would be difficult to produce a decent publication, but I believe Chris Highland has done an excellent job of selecting and compiling 60 [passages]. . . . The black and white photos throughout the book look as though they could have been taken by Muir himself, but they were taken by Chris Highland. . . . As an introduction to Muir’s writing, I challenge anyone to read a few pages and try to resist the temptation to head out and experience Nature as a Temple.”

~Terra Firma Adventures, book review


“For this Thanksgiving week, I thought it would be apropos to read some of [John Muir’s] writings. Thankful that my friend had sent the series [Ken Burns, The National Parks] and thankful to rediscover this connection inspired me to devour Meditations of John Muir: Nature’s Temple by Chris Highland. . . . This is a read for those who love nature and find peace and joy there.”

~Kim, A Book a Week


“We’re listing some of our top picks for kids and adults alike. . . . This book [Meditations of John Muir] pairs quotes from Muir’s journals with short reflections on spirituality.”

~Project Learning Tree, Summer Reading List Recommended to Educators across the U.S. (2014)


“I was reminded of a holy moment in Yosemite National Park when I unexpectedly came upon a herd of deer. I crept forward and sat down and in my silent presence they came closer to me. I was hiking with a book of meditations by John Muir so I pulled the book out and with a dozen deer within a few feet of me I began to read to them. The passage ended with the words, ‘The place seemed holy, where one might hope to see God.’ The quiet place in Yosemite had that feeling. The park bench at the Indianapolis Museum of Art had that feeling.”

~The Rev. Howard Boles, “Visiting Sacred Spaces: A Park Bench,” Roberts Park United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, July 2013

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