Who Cares About Truth?

Where are the Truth Bombs falling?
Where are the Truth Bombs falling?

Charles Blow wrote a troubling article in the NYT today (“Intervening in Our Name”) on American ignorance regarding world conflicts and what America should do in response.  Huge numbers of people have opinions and make decisions based NOT on learning what’s really going on (i.e. the Truth) but on what they feel or guess or really don’t care that much about.

Blow makes this insightful statement: 

“It has been my experience that truth has a way of revealing itself to those willing to search for it.”

Simply enough.  Difficult enough.  Almost sounds spiritual.  Yet, simply a reasonable statement.

For those of us who once thought we “owned” the Truth, who believed we followed “The Truth” and that there was no other Truth but OUR Truth. . .this rings very. . .TRUE!

Many defenders of faith say, as we once said:  “We found the Truth.  If you will only search for what WE found, you will find it too.”

Are you listening?  Do you pick up the mental sleight of hand here?

Searching is searching.  If two children are playing hide-and-seek and one is found.  Do they say with surprise, “You found me!  You found ME.”  As if you could find someone else!  In Religion, if your God is hidden (and has Truth in His/Her pocket) and you tell me to go “search for Him; you’ll find Him,” is this really a SEARCH?  Of course not.  It’s like an Easter Egg hunt with only one egg in the grass.

Do we find what we’re looking for?  Maybe.  Sometimes.  But Truth isn’t so easy, is it?

In issues of Faith, if Your Faith is the True Faith and Your God is the True God, then who maps out the search for the Only God to discover?  Who points the way to the only Mountain top they know and says, “There it is!  Go!  Search.  You’ll find the Same One I found!”  Oh, YOU, your Ancient Map Book, your doctrines and creeds and opinions; YOU are the one to tell us where Truth is.  Really?  But what other mountains have YOU searched?  Maybe there is MORE truth out there.  How do YOU know?  Have you searched for it?

Politics, Religion, Relationships, Jobs, Daily Life.  We all search for what works, what seems best, what is “true for us.”  But unless we listen and learn from the whole spectrum of “Truth” we can never claim to have found the only mountaintop.

Back to Charles Blow’s point, we ought to take more care to search, to ask questions, to get educated about these world issues before saying BOMB ‘EM, or Send in the Troops!  How arrogant for the American Exceptionalists to think we always know what other people in other countries need. . .what Their Truth ought to be!

Since many of these Fires of War are Fueled by Faith. . .we ought to think hard before dropping any Truth Bombs (“we know what’s best and have the firepower, so bombs away!”).

Yes, maybe it’s time for some Good Old, not so easy to find, Truth.


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