The Faith-based Fear Bus

Are we riding an old bus?
Are we riding an old bus?

I heard this morning that a bus-load of children were being targeted by protestors in Arizona.  A politician pointed them out as a bus full of scared looking children, so it was assumed they must be more of the dreaded “Illegals.”  Turns out they were kids going to summer camp, and yes, they were frightened!

Does that make you as angry and disgusted as I am?

Since reading artcles and posts around the web lately I’m finding a common thread of fear and fearfulness.  True to form, often the fear is fueled, fired and flamed by faith. . .at least by what I call the Fearfully Faithful.

Fear-based Faith is as bad as Faith-based Fear.

I wonder sometimes if we are all frightened children riding somebody’s bus.

But here’s the thing:  WE CHOOSE which bus to ride!

In my evangelical college we took a course on “Values Clarification” (not a bad idea sometimes!).  We learned that we can’t truly value something unless we have chosen it from alternatives.  I don’t think my religious professors fully understood what would happen if our young believing minds applied that principle to the free choice of what to believe. . .or, of choosing to believe or not believe at all.

If all the choice we are given is one bus, (and even one fear-driven bus), have we really chosen?  Chosen from what?  One choice is no choice.  And if it’s “chosen” out of FEAR. . .I have to question whether that is simply coercion and brainwashing indoctrination.  No real choice has been given or taken.

I’d *value* your thoughts on this. . .but I’ll end this post with a short Breakdown of the Fear Bus, as I rode it for some years:

The Fear Bus is fueled and driven by:

-the fear of hurting your best Friend (God)

-the fear of making your Father/Parent (God) angry

-the fear of losing your Faith

-the fear of disappointing Family

-the fear of not going to Heaven, and of course,

-the fear of being sent to the famous lake of fear, the boiling lake of fire, where you’ll be tortured for eternity by a fearfully Loving God (sic)

(note to “Progressives”:  I often like to include Progressives in these discussions since they like to think they are NOT involved in a fear-based faith that promotes this kind of religion–I used to be one, so I have a sense of this–. . .but, have you considered that the Religion and the Book you hold to actually DOES drive the Fear Bus in our world.  A head in the sand doesn’t help.  Sure, focus on good work, compassion and love.  That’s nice.  But a large portion of your Religion is picking up more and more children in their bus.  What are you doing to counter that?  What are you doing to STOP the bus of fear?)


4 thoughts on “The Faith-based Fear Bus

  1. Im from a very religious family, with the most scariest fear bus. Ive been brought up with alot of beliefs and restrictions from a very young age but as i grew up and began to self realize, that at the end of the day, I was the one who chooses to believe or not.
    Ever since then, ive gotten of the bus and began walking to my destination instead.
    Yes, my religion promotes allot of good values which i hold very dear to my heart and i do believe and accept others belief but i do it, my way and most definately not because im scared.
    A really great post 🙂

  2. I’m glad to hear you can walk off the bus! Choosing is the critical part, and choosing without fear is a high value. Thank you for your visit and comment. I wish you well on your path.

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