Jesus Crosses the Border. . .

A Christian Nation Welcomes Neighbors
A Christian Nation Welcomes Neighbors

I just read and commented on this MSNBC article on churchfolk stepping up to help the children and families at the Texas border:

“With Children in Need, a Texas Town Sets Politics Aside”


I can respect this.

Especially since I’m so embarrassed and disgusted to see the crowds of obnoxious Flag-Wavers “saving our country” from “those people.”

Hey, I know the subject is touchy and complex.  I sometimes want to Send Everyone Back too!

Then I THINK. . . I use my BRAIN. . .and remember:  Oh Yeah.  My ancestors (and Yours) crossed over borders too.  And maybe illegally, I’m not sure.  But then it wasn’t illegal to kill off all the Real Native Americans either, or take the land for ourselves “in the name of God” (in fact, the Church heartily supported that!).

Did those who came to Ellis Island have “proper papers” in hand?  How about all the American Colonists, or what about the Pilgrims?  “Send ’em back!,” you say?


In my “Progressive Christian” days I might have said something like,

“Yes, Here Comes Jesus, Crossing the Border and Carrying His Cross!  What do we do NOW?”

(that was the EDGE in my years of Chaplain ministry and why I became so disappointed in The Church.  Why didn’t most “Followers of Jesus” actually practice his edgy, agitating message?  Still seems like some kind of mass delusion to me. . .but more a Mass Distraction:  “Here, Eat the Body, Drink the Blood, but For God’s Sake Don’t Notice the bodies and blood, the Crucifixions all around you!  Stop looking at THEM, Look at Your LORD on the Cross dying for YOU!  And For GODSAKES don’t take the Sermon on the Mount LITERALLY!”)

Something like that.

I wonder sometimes if there are more non-believers “following Jesus” (compassion, justice, health and healing oriented, dissolution of borders, etc) than those who claim to “follow Him.”  Hmmm.  I wonder.

Yes, yes, I know, there’s that pesky Supernatural Part. . .”He’s Lord” and all that.  I know.

But whatever a person BELIEVES about the guy, How do you LIVE as he lived?  How do you “follow” him (deeds not words)?

Immigration is One Hot Topic that forces us all to face the Faces that Faith does not often want to Face.

Believers:  Do You see the Face of Your Lord in those Faces?

Non-Believers:  Do You see your own Face, your Family’s Face or the Face of Humanity in theirs?


Anyway, I commend these people in Texas for showing another side, a compassionate side, a human side, to America, to Faith.

We’re all immigrants anyway.  The Palestinian Jewish Non-Christian Non-American Wisdom Teacher was one too.

(and some of us even immigrated from Faith. . .maybe He’d be ok with that?)

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