God on the National Mall?

Not Enough, Needs God?
Not Enough, Needs God?
Not Enough?
Not Enough?

Has God been Seen on the National Mall?

Oh, sorry, the “Bear” is Loose!

Seriously, elected officials have the time to agitate and legislate for THIS?

“God Gets a Place on the National Mall” (U.S. News)

“Was God purposely left off the National World War II Memorial?

That is a rumor that made the rounds on the Internet. As such, it became a “maliciously generated and widely distributed notion,” as the National Park Service put it, and led to legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama Monday.

Now God’s getting a place on the National Mall. A plaque with a prayer is to be installed near the monument – a move that’s not winning praise from groups who strongly support the separation of church and state.”

I’m shaking my head again (can you hear it rattling?)

And here’s some “reasoning” by the leader of the Ohio Christian Alliance,

“President Roosevelt’s prayer articulated the great crusade that was underway to liberate millions suffering under tyranny. He honored the war effort and paid tribute to the fallen and those veterans who fought courageously in the conflict. It is only fitting that succeeding generations learn of this prayer that was offered at that most poignant moment in our nation’s history.”

Note the “crusade” part?

Hey, it’s just a prayer, right?  Yeah.  So why glue it to a National Memorial?

Have you been there?  Have you quietly walked around that awesome memorial to honor All the Americans who fought in that awful war?  I have.  Unforgettable.  Thought of my father and his brothers who served.  Thanked an old Vet in a wheelchair and shared a tear.  Very moving.

But, for some, that’s Not Enough.  It’s not enough to honor the soldiers, ALL the soldiers, of ALL faiths and No faith.

Not enough.

They have to Nail a Prayer to it.

Well, good for them.  Now they can stick another Pious Plaque on a Public Place to show. . .that they can. . .that they are great people of faith and this is their precious Christian Nation.

Except. . .it isn’t.  It isn’t theirs. . .and neither is the memorial.

It’s ours.  All of ours.

And, it’s theirs. . .the Ones Who Fought for Liberty FOR ALL. . .not just the self-righteous.

OK, I’m done.

But are we?


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