Religion on the Wrong Side of History

Pretty Simple, isn’t it?

Faith Groups Seek Exclusion From Bias Rule (NYT)

“We’re Exceptional!  So You Have To Let Us be Exceptionally Exclusive!  It’s Our RIGHT!”

It’s almost amazing, almost, how Wrong the Religious Right can be sometimes.

Think Slavery, Women’s Rights, Voting Rights, Civil Rights, LGBTQ Equality, Immigration, Prayer and Bible Reading in Public Schools, Women’s Health. . .on and on into eternity. . .

The Religious LEFT can be RIGHT (and I think they often get things right). . .but let’s not confuse the point here.

Religion cannot take a holiday from Responsibility and Fairness in a Secular Society.

What we have now shows, once again, how masses of believers can End Up on the Wrong Side of History.

“We have a RIGHT to our BIAS!  Our Faith says We Are EXCEPTIONAL!”

History has not been kind to this kind of Belief-driven Discrimination. . .

I can’t resist another quote from someone who was intimately aware of the Holy Hypocrisy that claims they alone are “Right” and that their “Rights” should be given special treatment.

Over 160 years ago, Frederick Douglass spoke these words in a Chapel in England:

“Can these [injustices] be possible in a land professing Christianity?  Yes, they are so. . . .  While America is printing tracts and bibles; sending missionaries abroad to convert the heathen; expending her money in various ways for the promotion of the gospel in foreign lands—the slave not only lies forgotten, uncared for, but is trampled underfoot by the very churches of the land.  What have we in America?  Why, we have slavery [bias; discrimination] made part of the religion of the land. . . .”


“I love that religion that is based upon that glorious principle, of love to God and love to man; which makes its followers do unto others as they themselves would be done by.  If you demand liberty to yourself, it says, grant it to your neighbors. If you claim a right to think for yourself, it says, allow your neighbors the same right.”

{Reception Speech, Moorfields, England, May 12, 1846}

What injustices would Douglass be challenging in the Self-Righteous Church, were he alive today?




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