Cops for Christ


I just HAVE to “share” this little quote from a Police Chaplain in Montgomery, Alabama.

It MAY give you an idea why I am a relentless critic of Preacher/Missionary/Evangelists Who Call Themselves Chaplains.

“Anytime you find a group of people whose lives have been adversely affected – it could be a major fire in an apartment complex, it could be trouble in a given community, it can be a storm or a disaster – this gives us an opportunity to meet people and show them the kind of love and compassion that all human beings need,” the Rev. E. Baxter Morris said.
He added, “There is an evangelistic advantage. That is, that once I float to your comfort zone, and we become one in our crisis, I determine what your spiritual needs may or may not be, and I may be able to share with you a word from Christ.”

Read the full story of “Cops for Christ” in the Americans United newsletter, “Church and State” 

{Warning:  you might get a little “warmed up” by the story.  Then, you might want to find out what kind of Chaplains–or Police Officers–You’re Paying For in your community!}


4 thoughts on “Cops for Christ

  1. It’s kind of like being a salesman. They make you think their motive for helping you is entirely altruistic, then they lay down your pitch and you think “oh… that’s what this is really about.”

    I’ve never seen someone so bluntly admit it before. I’m amazed he can’t see what’s wrong with what he just said.

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