What a Chaplain is NOT

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In other posts, and on the “About” page, I say quite a bit about my view of What a Chaplain IS.

Based on what I’ve seen in about 30 years of Chaplaincy, I’ve come to some “tentative conclusions.”

Here, just a few words about what a Chaplain is NOT (of course, from my perspective)

A Chaplain is NOT

-A Preacher with a Chaplain’s Badge or Title

-A Missionary proselytizing on a “missionfield” of a hospital, prison, streets, military institution, school, etc.

-A Representative of One Faith over all others

-A Teacher of One Book over all others

-The Keeper of One Chapel over and against all other “sacred places”

-A Talker more than a Listener

-Someone who thinks the Creator of the Universe is their Employer

Sad thing is, it seems many “Chaplains” ARE what a Chaplain is NOT!

Think about that.


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