America is a World Religion


It’s time to speak the truth:  America is a Religion.

We talk about “American Religion” or the Religious Landscape of America.

We read poll after poll, survey after survey, that shows the deep divides in the nation over faith.

But what we’re avoiding, what we’re in deep denial about is staring us in the face:

America is, itself, a Religion.

Let’s admit it.  Let’s believe it. . .or not.


How can a Country be a Religion?

Good Question!

For reference, see America.

{also watch FAUX NEWS for 10 minutes, or skip that and see this Times article:  “Younger Americans are Less Patriotic”}

Evidence that America is a World Religion:

-Extreme Theo-Nationalism (saturates everything from classrooms to sporting events to parades and political events). . .”light on a hill”. . .our “sacred soil” (The New Holy Land?)–can we talk about the Nation without talking about Our Nation’s God?

-Pride and Exceptionalism (“we’re number one”!. . .boy, that’s gotten so old)

-God Bless US (the U.S.). . .that’s OUR God. . .the REAL and ONLY TRUE GOD, you know!

-“Devotion” to “Old Glory” (note how many think they “serve the flag” or “die for the flag” and how mad some people get if you “desecrate” it. . .also note how much More Patriotic You Are if you Fly Lots and Lots of Flags and stick them on everything)

-Ritualistic repetition of Our Glorious Story, The “Under God” Pledge, our War-worshipping Songs and Hymns, etc.

-Veneration of Our “Sacred” Documents (The Declaration; Constitution; etc)

-Adoration of “Heroes” (almost always War heroes. . .our Warrior-gods. . .our Saviors)

-Obsession with “Miracles” (every day in the news). . .notice how miracles happen to happen most often in the US of A

-Numerous National “Holy Days” (with more sacrifice of animals than any other religion in history)

-Ubiquitous Prayers by Preacher Politicians (stumbling over each other to show how spiritual, how pious)

-Openly Atheist Candidates cannot be elected to Public Office (though there is “no religious test for office,” supposedly)

So, Amereligion, or whatever we choose to call it, is deep in the psychic soil of the nation.

“More than 95 percent of Americans either love or like their country, with 70 percent saying “love it” and only one-third of one percent saying “hate it.” Sixty-one percent say that being an American is “extremely important” on a personal level. Only 1.5 percent say it is “not at all important.”

But, thanks to the (heretical) younger generation, Sacred America may be changing:

“while 94 percent of the Silent Generation say that seeing the U.S. flag flying makes them feel extremely or very good, only 67 percent of millennials muster the same affection.”

Yet, hold on,

“data show millennials to be extremely supportive of the ideals and values of democracy, if not the symbols of America. In particular, equality stands out.”

And surely we’re more Equal than Others?

“In general, millennials have more appetite for egalitarian principles than older people. They may look less patriotic than the rest of America at first glance, but coming of age in the era of globalization and being a more racially diverse generation may simply mean that traditional symbols of American democracy hold less meaning for this cohort. Milliennials may be less devoted to the symbols of America, but they are no less devoted to democratic ideals.

A new patriotism in American may be rising.”

And perhaps a New Religion too?  Or the old one Re-shaped, Re-formed, a New Reformation leading to a New Faith?  (Sounds like “In God We Trust” won’t be coming off the currency of Religion America any time soon).  After all, it’s all about God America anyway, right?

Are YOU a Faithriot?  Are you Faithriotic?


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