Theology of Distraction


Some time ago I posted a comment on HuffPost responding to a new book by a famous God-Talker (Theo-logian):

“Throughout college and seminary and across twenty-five years of ministry some of this mattered. While I was attached to a book, one book, that was the main source of life, belief and worldview, I really cared about textual criticism and theology. The latest “discovery” by “scholars” was so fascinating. Until I thought about it. Until I read other books. Until I left the “sacred” books to work with people who couldn’t care less about books and beliefs and another great God Idea by another “Giant of the Faith.” Therein is the point: Who has time for these theological textual games when there is so much to be done? The beheaded Paul is long dead. So is Jesus for that matter. We can either choose to be divided by the books of faith, or we can choose to work with diverse people in a pluralistic world to do what must be done. What an obviously mentally challenged Near Eastern preacher scribbled down in the name of his God two thousand years ago. . .has absolutely no relevance to life on earth here and now.”

Theology OF Distraction. . .Theology AS Distraction

I sometimes recall the beginning of the Book of Acts where the disheartened disciples are staring up into the sky as Jesus floats up on the Balloon of Belief.  Angels appear to say, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking up toward heaven?”

We might ask the same of modern disciples and their revered and respected Scholars of Biblical Theology, stumbling over the real needs of real people as they stare up to other worlds, as they float their bible balloons drifting in the wind.

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