Safe Escort into Your Church?


I’ve known women who have had to make very difficult medical decisions about serious procedures including abortion.  I’ve supported the choices they make that concern their own bodies, as they make very private decisions with their doctors.

This is why this latest Supreme Court decision is troubling.  

A “safe zone” around clinics (actually ANY clinics at all, any Hospitals at all) is a no-brainer, but I guess that’s the point here:  SCOTUS isn’t seeing the Bigger Picture of what’s Really Going On out here in America.  Like many who don’t see the way the Religious Right is so Wrong about the Secular basis of the country, the judges are giving ammunition to the Holy Warriors to trample the rights of the rest of us, especially the most vulnerable.

I’m a strong supporter of Free Speech, yet if someone’s idea of free speech hinders another person’s Freedom. . .I have some problems with that.

See this TIME piece:  “My Wife’s Abortion vs. Your Free Speech”

So, somewhat serious, I make the following suggestion:

What if  “Choice” supporters used some of the same tactics as “Anti-Choice” protesters?

What if we were to picket at the doors of all the Churches of the Anti-Abortionists?

(you know, just to “counsel” and help educate)

We would show up each Sunday morning, set up our displays with Large Signs and Photos (lots of loving images?).

We would chant and sing as close as possible to every person entering the Church.

Signs would spin off from anti-abortion messages:

“Let Us Counsel YOU to Make a Rational Choice”

“People DO Regret Faith”

“Be PRO-LIFE:  Join Protests Against the Death Penalty, Homelessness, War and Anti-Vaccinationists”


“Judge NOT”

“Simply Doing Unto Others (as You do to Us)”

“You Will Not De-Fetus” (sorry, probably not that one)

“YOU have a RIGHT to CHOOSE CHURCH (But We Think it’s Harmful, especially to Children, Yet we Support Your Right to Choose)”

“STOP!  Don’t Murder Your Mind!”

“Do You Need a Safe Escort Today?”

“We’re Here for “Personal, Caring, Consensual Conversation” (SCOTUS)”

*Now, Here’s the BEST PART of this Action:

It’s all done with model, rational, non-violent behavior (with occasional chanting loud enough to be heard during the worship service).

That would show True “Christian” Behavior, wouldn’t it?

(What Signs or Photos Would YOU Suggest?) 

As with so many things the Christian Crusaders demand for the rest of us, this is another example of showing them what they are doing; mirroring back their actions (taste of their own medicine. . .for Educational Purposes. . .I’m smiling, but it’s true).

“They know not what they do,” so to speak.  Or they THINK they do, but not really.  Like their demand for “Religious Freedom” (meaning Christian Freedom), they demand school prayers or town council invocations, bible groups in public schools or commandments in the public square.  As soon as you bring in Someone Else’s prayers, scriptures or commands. . .they cry “Persecution of Christians!”

I’m convinced this large number of self-righteous activists will never learn, will never see that what they do Harms Others, unless and until they are shown How True Harassment Actually Feels.  Just until they learn, until they are sent back to learn the basic message of compassion and love and justice.

Last note:  It seems to me this Focus on the Fetus is, like so much Theology, Faith and Religion, a convenient way to be distracted from Real People with Real Choices in the Real World, right in front of them.

Ouch!  (most anti-choice leaders are men)
Ouch! (most anti-choice leaders are men)



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