“Great Wars,” Chaplains and Muddling Through

Close listening and communication
A Kind Face
Great Title
She brings Music
Riding alongside


Today marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo.  An act that brought simmering hatreds to the boiling point we call World War One.

The NY Times has an excellent series of articles (see the main map showing the slicing up of Europe AND don’t miss reading the “breaking news” in the Archives from those intense days in 1914).

I still have a huge amount to learn about the “Great Wars” of the 20th Century.  I have major questions about the role of ethnic and religious hatreds that drove the world into these massive conflicts (8.5 million killed in WW1 alone. . .countless casualties, civilian deaths and continuing deaths and injuries of farmers in those killing fields).  And they are still driving us to madness and murder.

For today, I simply call attention to the actions of Chaplains in war.

(It’s not all about worship and prayer and readings and preachings. . .)

I also find some of these Images of Chaplains from WWI fascinating (Google “WW1 Chaplains”).

See the faces. . .imagine the stories.


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