Greater than the Bible. . .

. . .or Any Other Scripture.

Denali Range, Alaska (Highland Photos)

This Book converted me

from Faith to Fascination

from The Word to The Wonder

from Bound Belief to Unbounded Beauty

from Spirituality to Simplicity

from the Supernatural to the Super-Natural

from God to Goodness

Have You Read This Book?

Of course you have.  Anyone can and Everyone does.


The Book of Nature

The Greatest Bestseller of All Time. . .free for an unlimited time. . .

Billions of “holy books” are made from killing trees and animals.  Billions of dollars are spent selling the salvation in scriptures.  Is there wisdom in these books?  Of course.  Loving kindness, compassion, justice, ethics. . .we’ve heard this for centuries.  So why not Practice these and let the Books go?!  Unless you are a Bible-Worshipper or belong to a Religion of One Book. . .we no longer need to hear the endless quotes from your special book, your one-channel television.  Maybe it’s time to come out of the cave of flickering shadows.  Take a walk in the natural world, look up at the sun and stars, look out to sea, touch some flowers and trees, listen to the birds and coyotes, breathe some fresh air.  To paraphrase Emerson, Books are wonderful when we are not reading the book of Nature directly, when they are not distracting us, like theology, into some other imagined world.

As Thomas Paine, John Muir, Frances Wright, Walt Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau, John Burroughs and many others have said: There is One Big Book to Read and Study and Find Inspiration within:  Nature.

All else is a footnote.


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