Who Owns Allah?


Update to posting on Beyond God (“Circus Maximus”)

Who owns the copyright on “God”?  You know, “His Name”? (“Her” Name is unthinkable)

You know, the Name “God,” “Krishna,” “Shiva,” “Jesus,” “Yahweh” (sorry, YHVH, no, sorry, Adonai. . .too holy to say it so no copyright necessary), “Allah” and all the rest (Muslim tradition says there are 99 Names of Allah, Buddhism says the same for Buddha)

Who controls these holy, sacred, untouchable, unnameable Names?

Malaysia is letting us know exactly who controls The Name (CNN)

Allah (copyright, his owners) sure seems to need two major things:

Protection (as in these respectably silly cases)

Praise (as in, Allah Akbar!)

(Muhammad needs these too, but that’s another story)

With all due respect, I hope Allah gets what he needs. . .

(and don’t forget to compare all the Other God Ownership Societies, a.k.a., Religions, whose Universal, Infinite, All-Powerful Gods also need Protection and Praise.  Hint:  ask for their papers of ownership; and when they say, “Oh No.  We don’t own God.  God owns US!” simply ask to see those papers too; and when they show the Qur’an or Bible or Gita or other scripture simply ask to see the signature that affirms that, and see if a judge will verify.  Then casually ask, Why does your chosen Object of Worship need protection and praise?)

Yes, I’m being very sarcastic with this, but there IS a comic/tragic dimension that invites ridicule.  At the very least these cases of MY God is MINE and not YOURS, Mine is the BIGGEST and BEST God of All, etc, etc, invite. . .no, they demand, question after question after question.  After all, people are dying on Both Sides of the Masks. 

And excuse me for smiling, shaking my head and rolling my eyes at yet another example of the Holy Circus, with its Ringmasters, Obedient Herds and Amused Audience.

The Masks are beautiful though, aren’t they?


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