Are All Spiritual Teachers Self-Righteous?


I come across many blogs and articles where people throw out scripture verses on “righteousness.”

I used to know what that means, but after many years away from having to prove or proclaim my righteousness and faith to. . .God and Everyone Else, I guess. . .I’m a bit confused here.

Does being “righteous” mean you are Right all the time?  Or just “spiritually” right?  Whatever that means.

If so, are the Great Spiritual Teachers of the World our Models of Righteousness?

If so, does that mean they are the Ultimate Models of SELF Righteousness?

“Look at My life, how I live, and you’ll see how YOU are supposed to live.”  “I am closer to God than you.”  “I know more about God than you.”  “I know the Way, follow Me.”  “If you want to know Anything about God, Truth, Life. . .come to ME, I’ll show you.”  

These questions keep bubbling up.  Do you have a helpful response?

On a happy note, I read a Lutheran pastor’s blog that said her church is one of the “Religious LEFT” (you know, instead of the Religious RIGHT).

I kinda like that.

And, I should say,

I do like the Righteous Brothers


6 thoughts on “Are All Spiritual Teachers Self-Righteous?

  1. We are to follow humans, but Jesus. If someone states they are better then you then they are not being faithful to His teaching.
    Those that lead are to be servants to those they are leading. This means to be humble. So if they are spouting out they are perfect and you are not then they are most likely hypocrites.
    Also I know where we are told to be righteous. I do not remember where we are told to be self-righteous.

    1. I assume you mean “NOT follow humans but Jesus.” Yet, he was a human (even if you believe he was also God), like Buddha, Moses, Muhammad and others. It seems reasonable what you say about leading as humble “servants” but we hear so many claim to be righteous which often seems to say they are “right.” I’m not talking about people saying they’re “perfect” (even though Jesus said to “be perfect,” didn’t he?) But I agree, there are certainly hypocrites. One question remains for me: you say we are “told” to be righteous. If so, what exactly does that mean?

  2. To be righteous is to try and strife to keep all the commandment. It is also to be humble, meaning to not show yourself to not be better then someone else. Since we are all human and sin. The goal is not to repeat the same sin over and over again, which many do. It is the journey toward being good and following the laws given to us that helps lead you toward being righteous.
    Buddha, Moses , Muhammad all had a human father and mother. Jesus did not have a human father. That is why He is the Son of God, but yes due to having a human mother that did make him human. Having God as he father though allowed Him to overcome the sins that those with both human parents have to struggle with daily.
    Was he tempted to sin? Yes. Did he give into sin? No.
    That is the difference between Jesus and the men you mentioned. It is that difference that allows us to have this discussion today.

    1. I like what you say about humility, not trying to be better than others, being good. That’s admirable. I sense you would say that, as a nonbeliever, someone like me cannot be humble or good? I’m also a little confused by your opening statement that to be righteous is to try to keep all the commandments. Without playing bible pingpong (which I find very unhelpful), didn’t Jesus sum all the commandments into Love? If so, can a person who is not a believer, also love? It seems that “self-righteousness” may have something to do with a person excluding others who are not humble or good “in the right way,” judging others who don’t “love enough” compared to the self-proclaimed “righteous” person. I wonder how that shows humility, goodness or love.

  3. Actually he summed it up into “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”, but yes that can be stated as love. You can be a non-believer in Christ and still love. All humanity has the same emotions. In my personal experiences I have known many people that are kind as well as the opposite. I have seen many that are lairs and two-faced. Those that truly follow Jesus place others before themselves because they wish to be treated as they are treating that other person. I have met many that are kind that don’t follow God, but eventually they show who is most important to them and it is not those about them. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t follow Christ to place themselves last. It has always been themselves they think of first. To me Selfishness is the ultimate sin, from selfishness people steal, people murder, think only of their own pleasures and think only of what makes them happy, not what makes the people they are hurting or around happy.
    It is also best to never judge. If I sound that way it was not my intent, it was meant to cause people to think.
    Those that look down upon others thinks only of themselves. So to me they are not Christian, they may think they are, but actions always speak loader then words.
    The Bible (even though you dislike it) tells those that wish to truly follow Jesus to be humble, if you are a leader you must be a servant. Simply you must be selfless not selfish. You can only be righteous if you are selfless thus the term “self-righteous” is an impossibility.

    1. The greatest commandment is love, as I read it. Which of course, other religions teach as well, some long before Jesus the Jewish teacher came along. But do unto others is pretty good too, except spoken by Confucius centuries before Jesus. What we’re left with is. . .love itself. I don’t see believers loving any more than nonbelievers. From your words, I guess you are a model of righteousness. Not sure how you concluded that I dislike the bible. I question and critique the bible as an ancient book that people claim as the best book to teach righteousness (a circular argument actually). That people claim to be “righteous” and follow its teachings while doing what you say (judging, telling others what is right and good and true) is what I most find troubling and frankly dishonest. Are you “selfless”? I have no idea what that means. Are you “humble”? How so? By looking down upon those of us who don’t believe what you believe seems a bit like the opposite of humility. I’m guessing we can’t go much further with this conversation because bible verses will prove your righteousness over me, which may be true. I’m humbled by that (not really). Yet, in truth, I wish you well and hope you find what you’re looking for.

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