Gay Police Chaplain

Sausalito Police Name New Chaplain


The new norm?  Let’s hope so.  

This openness to a diverse police force (first female police chief in that city) with an openly gay Presbyterian minister and chaplain is a good sign.  Of course, this is the Bay Area.  Lots of godless and godful liberal rainbow people running around (a great place to live!).  But I see this as a very good thing.  

My comment on the newsite encourages this chaplaincy to stretch its own commitment to diversity.  From what I hear and know about Chaplain Mowry, he will honor that with inclusion of all people, including non theist, secular people.  After all, we’re talking about a secular public agency funded by public tax dollars and existing to serve all people in the community.  I sense that most citizens and leadership in this area get it, they understand, as a professional chaplain understands:  Chaplains on the public payroll (police and fire, prison and jail, hospital and hospice, street and military service) are not sectarian preachers but serve everyone equally.  

Congratuations to Rev. Chaplain Mowry. 

(gawd, that’s a cute photo!)


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