God Says I Can Discriminate!

. . .and You Have to Let Me!


Colleges, Evangelicals and Discrimination (NYT)

Here we go again, and again and again.

Conservatives complain about the “liberal bias” of our universities (even David Brooks, who knows better, keeps saying the dreaded “Elites” run our schools).

Well, if the “Elites” are the only ones who understand that Liberalism at its best means “liberty of mind,” that the Constitution and the First Amendment were not written primarily for One Group of Preachers, and if “Liberal Elites” are the ones who seem to best understand the True Meaning of “Religious Freedom” and the True Purpose of Higher Education. . .well, then, geez, I guess those of us in American Academia are “Liberal Elites.”  Praise Good for that!

The best part of this article on Evangelicals claiming they are being discriminated against for their discrimination, is the comment section that follows.  I decided not to leave any comment since what I would say was pretty much covered.  

The most troubling part of the article is the lack of reasonable thinking (but, sorry, we’re talking about indoctrinated evangelical youth, and I used to be one!).

The students, who plan to meet informally in the fall and may seek an off-campus site for worship, are bewildered by the turn of events. “We can’t discriminate on religion, and we’re a religious group!” exclaimed Olivia Cannon, 18, a Bowdoin student.

I get their concerns, I really do.  Finding an off-campus site:  Now There’s an Idea!  But their bewildered concerns are completely missing the point, in exactly the same way those who claim their “Religious Freedom” is under attack from the mean, godless, secular government.  What I don’t quite get is why students in a university are not being taught to reason, to think through difficult issues and make reasonable, rational and wise decisions on these matters.


As commentators (as well as some of the chaplains and administrators) make clear:  Christian Students are free to meet, pray, read the bible, elect anyone they choose, and discriminate all they want to. . .UN-officially or OFF campus, without funding or official recognition from a public, tax-funded, secular educational institution.  Simple.  Civics 101.  Well, apparently not.  

As I said to another blogger the other day, I attended an Evangelical College and if students want to go to a university to pray and study the bible and exclude whomever they wish, there are many Christian schools to choose from.  Exercize your religious freedom to get more closed-minded, if you wish.  Just try to keep in mind:  I don’t have to support you.  No I don’t.  And, by the way, that’s NOT infringing on your faith or your freedom.  

God may tell you it’s fine to discriminate (Jesus is your fine example of that, I guess?). . .but the rest of us don’t have to support you in your “divine education.” 


2 thoughts on “God Says I Can Discriminate!

    1. Yes, indeed, mike. What I always like to ask these folks is, what would your ideal America look like? I’d especially like to hear what some of our pious preacher politicians would say to that. If they were honest, I think even some of these students might back off the “faith freedom” bandwagon. Maybe

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