Another Blow to the Jesus Nation


{This Evil Flag is the symbol of the End of Christian America!}

Another “Activist” Judge makes a ruling based on the Constitution not the Bible!

Horror. . .Outrage. . .Whine Time!

Judge Barbara Crabb, with her cold claws of darkness, has now audaciously made another LIB’ral A-thiest ruling that takes away our Religious Freedom:

Judge Takes Down Gay Marriage Ban in Wisconsin

This is the same seed of Satan who has ruled AGAINST, yes against, the National Day of Prayer AND Tax-Free Clergy Housing.

Something Must be Done!

Pray to Your President Lord Jesus!

Read Your Constitution Bible Now!

Vote Our Your Faith Conscience!

This is OUR Congregation Country and We Want it BACK!

Jesus God Bless US the US of A!  HIS Country, HIS Flag, HIS Pledge, HIS Language, HIS Not-Gay People!

(hankies available in the narthex)

Splash face with water. . .head shake. . .blink. . .use brain. . .be serious:  “freedom of religion” is a very good thing because it means the federal or state government does not have the freedom to promote religion or one faith.  As we ALL know, the Jesus-For-President, Bible-For-Constitution activists will forever fight back against true freedom of religion, since it does not take their self-righteous sectarian side.  We can not rest, but we can rest assured their futile attempt to push back the tide of justice will fail.  Thank Goodness!

(I’ll take a hanky now)



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