Supernatural Superstition is Not Super

Sanal Edamuruku
Sanal Edamaruku

Last year I posted a tribute to Narendra Dabholkar, the Indian who founded The Committee to Eradicate Blind Faith devoted to anti-superstition in India.  Now, WHO wouldn’t support THAT?  Oh, yes, of course. . .those who have Blind Faith and Love their Superstition.

Narendra was shot and killed.

Now, we have the case of Sanal Edamaruku.  He “exposes the miraculous feats of holy men as tricks.”

“He has spent his life as a prominent member of India’s small band of miracle-busters, men who dedicate their life to traversing the country demystifying certain beliefs.

It’s a nation often associated with profound spirituality, but rationalists see their country as a breeding ground for superstition.”

Apparently India is not only a breeding ground for the irrational, but a Bleeding ground as well.  His investigation showed that the famous “bleeding statue of Christ” in Mumbai was due to a plumbing problem!  Church leaders could have Thanked Sanal and he could have billed them for a Plumber’s fee.  Then they could have said to the crowds of believers, “Oh, we’re sorry, we truly thought this was a miracle.”  Well, that WASN’T the response from the Catholic Church.

The reward for Sanal’s Dedication to Reason and Rationality?

“[He has] fled the country after being accused of blasphemy. Now in self-imposed exile in Finland, he fears jail – or even assassination – if he returns.”

So, another person living in Fear due to the Fearfully Faithful.  This is madness.

Who will Face Up to Fear-based Faith?  Only Atheists?  

Until reasonable people, with faith and without faith, Speak Out, Speak Up and Speak Loud about the UN-Super nature of superstitious religion, people like these men (and their brave female colleagues like Suman Oak) will live in fear, or die in freethinking.  There’s nothing Super about Manipulation through Mindless “Miracles.”

We need these voices!



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