Foxholes and A-Atheists

Bill Hobbs Photography
Bill Hobbs Photography

Foxes have holes and birds have nests. . .

but the anti-Atheists give freethinking Sons (and Daughters) of Humanity no where to lay their heads. . .

I just left this comment on Friendly Atheist about Chaplains in the Military:

“As a longtime Chaplain (not in the military but in the homefront war on poor people) I’m still astounded at the ignorance of people who otherwise seem intelligent. I currently call myself a Secular Chaplain because it’s clear to me that a Chaplain is first, NOT a missionary, and second, serves Everyone, regardless of faith or no faith. Anything less, in my opinion and experience, is not Chaplaincy and merely turns the U.S. military, prisons, jails, streets, hospitals and foxholes into preaching opportunities. This is both unprofessional and rather abusive, in my mind.”

How did so many ANTI-Atheists get into so many positions of decision-making power in a secular society?

As the article points out:  Evangelical Chaplains make up 63% of Military Chaplaincy when Evangelicals are only 18% of service members.  This is no surprise to those of us in Chaplaincy.  For a very long time, the proselytizers have heard the call to preach in any “mission field” where the “harvest is ripe for souls.”  There’s no nice way to say this:  These Pseudo-Chaplains have found many doors held open with a warm welcoming hand of commanders and wardens and administrators who fundamentally misunderstand the role of a Chaplain.  So the whole intention of a “competent caring presence” is lost in the conforming herd mentality of the missionary agenda.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve known some very conscious Evangelicals (and Other Christians) who get it.  They are comfortable, for the most part, with Interfaith Chaplains, whom they see as colleagues.  But we have a long way to go in educating our leaders to the actual work of an actual Chaplain.

Anyone can Preach. . .Few can be Chaplains.

I think I’ll start calling myself an:  A-A-Atheist (anti the anti-atheists)!

No, I think not.  I’ll stick to the positive, constructive role of a Chaplain:  to call out the exclusion and call up the inclusive compassion.


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