Freedom to Think and Love

A “Virtual Billboard” I created on the Freedom From Religion Foundation website The message reflects two things: -the joy I feel in being married to my wife, who happens to be a Christian Minister -the dislike I have for the divisive distraction called “the study of god” -Theology Here’s another “billboard” I put up And one of […]

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Straight for Equality

Pennsylvania has now become the 18th state (plus the D.C.) to affirm Marriage Equality. As a Secular Chaplain, an American and a Human Being, I am Straight for Equality. For many years I have been open to perform Weddings for Same-Sex Couples. This is about Celebrating Love, beyond the dogmas and judgments, the ignorance and prejudice. […]

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Good Without God

Uruguay’s President, Jose Mujica, is quite a remarkable, unusual leader.  Here’s what BBC reports: “Uruguay’s president is famous for driving an old banger, living a humble life and giving a large slice of his salary to charity – so much so that he’s often been dubbed the world’s “poorest president” People in one other country, […]

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The Mind of Christ

As a long-ago Evangelical Christian and longtime Bible Student (Christian College, Seminary, Ministry) I continue to find it intriguing that many people still want to “save the world.”  So, in my curiosity (and nostalgia?), I sometimes visit and engage Christian Apologetic (defending the faith) websites.  Here’s one article I just found: “Should Christians Accept Secular […]

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The Greatest God of All

Whether it arose from his “deep-seated paganism” or his long, sauntering journey out of traditional Christian beliefs, John Muir came to be fully converted to just one High God that makes all the other gods fade.  In a journal entry he wrote: “The pines spiring around me higher, higher to the star-flowered sky, are plainly […]

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