Troubled People with Guns

Yes, it must be all those mentally ill people who we need to stop
Yes, it must be all those mentally ill people we need to stop from causing violence

Who is troubled?  Disturbed?  Mentally Ill?

We have “sick” and “crazy” and “wacko” “monsters” running around killing people.

We have to stop THEM. . .THEY are the problem. . .

Well, maybe THEY aren’t the problem?

This is a comment I just left on an article regarding new Gun Control legislation.

And let’s not forget other disturbed individuals who shouldn’t have guns:
People who love to kill things for fun and sport
People who have to grab a weapon anytime they get angry
People who need to have a gun in their hand to feel powerful and to intimidate others
People who can’t seem to wait for a new war so they can go shoot some of “them”
People who live in fear so they “need” lots of firepower
(you may have others to add to the list)

There sure are a lot of Troubled People out there.

I wonder how many don’t realize just how troubled they are?

Is it troubling to know they can have all the guns they want?

Is it troubling they always point their (trigger) finger at “the crazies”?

One way to face our troubles:  Americans for Responsible Solutions



One thought on “Troubled People with Guns

  1. Did you know the cops didn’t wen check Rodger’s gun purchase records and couldn’t be bothered to ask for a consent search when they interviewed him?

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