Forest Church

Rogue River 2004 018

This gets my attention.

Flagstaff Forest Church (AZ)

Sounds a bit too “New Agey” for me and the quote from Muir may be more sentimental than accurate.

Yet, several students have asked if my “Wild Spirituality of Nature” class might lead to something similar.

I don’t know.

But, this might be on the right trail.

I like the practice of education, particularly learning about trees.

“Church” might need to go, and “God” (at least any particular one).

I wouldn’t go down the Christian Trail with this, as these folks have.

Maybe an idea I’ve floated before, Community Congregation, might grow from this kind of seed.

Non-theists and Theists in Community. . .that might be possible. . .maybe it should be?

Any thoughts or ideas on that?



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