Faux News and Faux Chaplains

faux news

Anyone else tired of the same old same old from the “outraged” chatterboxes at Fox?

Here’s something I wrote in response to this article on Non-Theist Chaplains in the Military:

“Why would someone be against providing Chaplains for the “one-quarter” of servicepeople with no religious preference? Oh, maybe we could guess. This article, like so much of the fake outrages of FAUX news, merely reveals ignorance about what a Chaplain really is. As one who has actually been one for 25 years I will simply say, a Chaplain is present with anyone of any faith or no faith who needs a listening ear, support and ethical guidance (no, you don’t need faith or a god for that). A good, relevant Chaplain (worthy of taxpayer support) is not a preacher who sees a military base, prison or hospital as a “mission field” to rake in souls. Unfortunately, those who fall for the “Christian Chaplains are the standard” ignorance of this article, will continue to propagate their chosen irrationality to fight their invented culture wars, which of course distracts from our servicepeople getting the help they really need. Thanks to the Theo-cons.”

Ah, yes, the Great Distraction that is Self-Righteous Ignorance. . .

Who is in need of care, counsel, real help. . .while all these Religiously Correct are pointing away to their own self-serving piety?


*If you haven’t seen this video, watch and ask yourself: “Who is walking by this man in need?”. . .then, “Who stops to help?”  And, “What faith do any of them have?”  Does it matter, when someone needs immediate assistance?


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