Cheap Spirituality

Cheap. . .but Expensive for the Reasoning Lost.


In the context of a troubling trend to “spiritualize” everything including politics (see the arrogant activity of the Theo-cons), and the “Exceptional” dumbing-down of the populus, I responded to a local story about a “New Age Psychic” with some wising-up words from one of the Secular Chaplains from 100 years ago: 

“This seems the one well-defined marvel of my life of the kind called supernatural; for, absorbed in glad Nature, spirit-rappings, second sight, ghost stories, etc, have never interested me since boyhood, seeming comparatively useless and infinitely less wonderful than Nature’s open, harmonious, songful, sunny, everyday beauty.” (John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra)

This seems the best way to respond to the cheap spiritualization of our world (distractions of an imagined “other world”).  Get people out in the natural environment and let wild and free Nature “save” them from the irrational fantasies that cost us all dearly. 


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