What On Earth is a Nature Chaplain?


Often mistaken for a Film Director
Often mistaken for the Nature Chaplain

Those who follow along my twisted paths of thought may be aware of the various hats I wear (for real or role).  A few years ago, before I climbed the tree into this notion of Secular Chaplaincy, I put on my old black beret and filmed a series of short videos on the Nature Chaplain Channel.  My experiment with the Nature Chaplain persona fizzled after about 100 episodes, but I kept both the creative idea and the hat!

Here are several of my favorite selections for your entertainment.  No calls from Hollywood yet.  And, don’t expect the best camera work or sound.  Steven Spielberg was too busy to direct at that time.

(Note:  the naturetemple website is no more)

National Parks: Beauty Beyond Belief

What is a Nature Chaplain?

Atheist Chaplain?!

Separation of Church and State

The Chaplain Goes to Jail (5 part series)

Religiously Correct (boy is the Chaplain agitated now!)

Faith of Our Founders (Christian Nation?)

If There is No God (series)

Holy Books

Church of Nature

John Muir:  The Wild Gospel of Nature (over 9000 views!)

Walt Whitman:  Poet of the Earth (over 4600 views)



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