The Politics of Prayer


Politicians, preachers and prayers. . .

Astounding how ignorant 5 Supreme Court Justices can be (Greece, NY decision).

Amazing how arrogant as well, to think they know what The (Imaginary) Founders in their minds were thinking when they wisely placed the “Establishment Clause” in the first lines of the Amendments.  One could more easily imagine Jefferson and the other Heretic Revolutionaries ripping off their wigs at the current Wedding of Religion and State.

If prayer before public meetings was REALLY about humble supplication of a Creator then why wouldn’t those officials invite any citizens to join them 10 minutes BEFORE government meetings to ask for Divine Guidance?

The answer is so clear you wonder if the majority of our Supremes have been smoking weed wrapped in the Constitution:  This case, as about all other cases of “Freedom of Religion” and “Freedom to Pray in Your Face” and “Free to Be a Dope” is all about one thing:

The Faith Show (Religious Reality Entertainment for the Believing Masses)

Preachers who want to show their great faith. . .and Politicians who want to show their faith. . .and the Patriotism of Prayer. . .and these folks are tripping over each other to make all the rest of us have to watch and listen.

The Faith Show:  Best Example of the Paved-Over American Landscape of Religion.

And does anyone ask:  Why would Your God care what 10,000 city councils are slobbering about every week and does Your God guide and counsel all the Non-Christian elected officials too?

May Reason Prevail. . .someday.

American Religion and Un-American Religion (Slate)


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