Have a Little Faith. . .or Not!

zach anner

I love this guy (Zach Anner) and his approach to people of faith.

Have a Little Faith (SoulPancake)

He’s a “searching” skeptic who’s curious about what people believe and why they believe.

So, he visits various sanctuaries, meets people and builds relationships, all while having fun with it.

The part I really like is that Zach has cerebral palsy, but it’s not his DIS-ability that hits you.

It’s his Ability to draw people together as People.

(This reminds me of when I was a Shelter Director, coordinating people of different faiths and no faiths in a volunteer effort to open sanctuaries as common, safe space for people needing shelter.  People helping other People.  Not so complicated, is it?)

For me, this is simple, common sense and profound:  It’s not so much about meeting Faith to Faith, but about People working together Face to Face.

Thanks for the inspiration, Zach!


2 thoughts on “Have a Little Faith. . .or Not!

  1. Interesting video, but there’s still an implication that those without God have a really hard time being happy. And those who don’t believe in God are still using “his” virtues unknowingly. I like this guy, however, and his emphasis on having faith in humanity.

    1. Yes, I’m aware of this implication, which often comes through in discussions of faith. Unfortunately, many believers hold to this irrational belief that happiness and ethics arise from faith rather than from being a decent human being. Thanks for your comment.

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