New Guru Discovered!


Just in time for Spring, I found a NEW “Spiritual Teacher!”

HE (sorry, yes, another male guru. . .no guru-ette this time) is even making me reconsider my status as a secular.

I may become a Spiritual Secular (Specular?).  I’m waiting for clearance and blessing on that.

He didn’t want me to tell you his name, but (like most “holy men”) he teaches Radical Honesty, so without fear I can tell you that his name is:

Om-Ji Lol

Please don’t tell anyone!  But if you can’t help yourself, go ahead and tell Everyone!

For those with incredible spiritual depth, he frequently appears in many mysterious ways.

For those with Eyes to See and Ears to Hear, HE graciously appears most often in the sacred text-language as:


I hear you groaning. . .

HE teaches THAT too!. . .

You’ve been converted!. . .

Welcome to the sacred silliness of specularity!


(see the film Kumare for more deep insight and inspiration)


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