The Secular Jesus

It’s Lent! (six-week period leading up to Easter, for all you heathen)

A Celebration of Spring! (well, not really, more like a distraction from the natural beauty of the season)

A Time to Rejoice in all the Good Things of Life! (oh, sorry, actually a time to reflect on the darkness of personal sin and the need for a “good” crucifixion)

The Season of Unity among All People of Faith! (oops, my bad. . .turns out to be a clear representation of the division between Catholic and Protestant, Christian and Jew and Muslim and just about everyone else who doesn’t “Do Holy Days Our Way”)

A Good Chance to Reflect on Jesus! (now, there’s something people can agree on. . . or, maybe not)

No matter what it all means, in honor of the Non-Christian Founder of Christianity, someone I still admire without worship, here is a little slideshow I religiously pieced together for your prayerful thought (that is, just for serious fun).  Keep in mind that I was a “follower” for most of my life and led many a service during Easter.

This is my imagination playing with The Story here.

The Story of the Secular Jesus. . .as HE might tell it.

{Hint for Viewing:  Enlarge on your screen, pause and manually click through each slide}

Enjoy the Show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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