Prayer in the Public Square


IF prayers in the public square were truly inclusive maybe they would be fine, but I don’t really see how a “prayer” to a particular deity could possibly be inclusive.

This Jewish woman in Ohio schooled the pastors on this.

Prayer in Jesus’ Name

“I agree that prayer at the beginning of a meeting can set the tone for the meeting, get everyone’s mind focused and in the right place,” she said.

When the invocation ends by invoking Jesus Christ, a portion of the attendees are left out, she said.

Aronson suggested following the prayer with a moment of silence for everyone to fill in as they please.

“In your own mind, you can say ‘in Christ’s name.’ It doesn’t lose any power by being said silently. It doesn’t gain any power by being said out loud,” she said.

She seems to have a fairly healthy understanding of what “religious freedom” means.

We need more like her to speak out, since this has really become an epidemic across our diverse and, yes, secular, nation.

People cry “Religious Freedom!” (for US!. . .no, of course they don’t say that, but this is exactly what they mean).  And want to turn every public venue into a chance to evangelize.

Well, here’s an example of reasonable pushback.

We’ll see how much Reason will prevail.

(One pastor responds with: “Regardless of what some people believe, we were not founded to be secular.”  I fault our education. . .especially Religious Education, or lack of, for this ignorance)


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