Secular Without Hate

Muslims protecting Christians in Egypt

Some “seculars” are anti-faith, anti-religious.  I understand some of their anger, but I cannot stand with them in their continual fight against religion and people of faith.  So when I read that members of a mosque are afraid after vandalism and hate messages left in their books, I’m bothered, because I’m anti something. . .anti-fear and discrimination in any form.

Anti-Muslim Messages (Seattle Times)

That this is happening in a town where, as a young person, I used to attend a “house church” that was “heavy into the Bible” makes it more concerning.  When I hear these things I sense right away that “Bible Teachers” are teaching hateful things in the name of their God of Love.  I place the blame for hate speech and attacks on different religions square on the pious heads of those who put ideas into the heads of young people who think they’re following Jesus when they’re really following ignorant, hateful teachers hiding behind their big shiny bibles.

So, on behalf of those of us who are Secular without Hate, I hope good people of faith as well as good people of no faith come out to support the mosque and protect them from fear.  We could hope that Good People in that community, standing together with their Muslim neighbors, will show the people who have been taught that the Bible is a Box that holds the Sword of Faith  are wrong and the rest of us won’t stand for their terrorizing for God.


2 thoughts on “Secular Without Hate

  1. Very Nice Post…i like it 🙂
    Quran is the best way to teach all humankinds about islam. Most Muslims do know the basic teachings of Islam such as the 5 important pillars, the way of performing salah, Islamic rituals and few more but Islam is not restricted to only these basic things.
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  2. Thanks for the visit and comment. I agree that more people should read the qur’an to understand Islam better, but I think the best way to learn what people believe, or don’t believe, is to meet them and see how they live. When individuals show compassion and justice in their diverse communities, our common humanity becomes more important than our faith or politics or nationality or any other divisive membership. Salaam

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