Warming up the Room (and the World)

The level of ignorance out and around is amazing, truly amazing.

And, as a Chaplain, I find this not only disturbing but dangerous for all of us.

The other night I heard someone in a conversation say,

“There is some global warming, but it’s NOT caused by humans.”

(I’m never sure why someone would think that, especially if they’re a “conservative,” and even if they watch FAUX News every day.  I have a hint though:  some believe there’s another world–Heaven–and this one’s going to Hell anyway, so why take responsibility?  And, some just hate anything “Libberalls” have to say).

The next time I hear this, or if you hear this, I would present the following.

I call it, The Fart in the Room analogy.

Suppose we get 10 people into your small room.

All the windows and doors are closed.

Someone lets out some gas.

Another belches.

Another feels sick and throws up.

Another can’t hold it any longer and pees on the floor.

Five people didn’t shower or put on deodorant this morning.

Then someone gets the bright idea to cook on a little hot plate.  Their beef stew overflows and burns.

Another lights up a cigarette while one lights pachouli incense.

A small gas engine runs in the corner.

There’s another loud fart.

You squeeze over to open a window, but it won’t open and the door is jammed.

Are you panicking yet?

Would you say that the people in that closed room were having an impact, a direct influence, on the temperature in that room?  How about the quality of life?  How’s the environment doing?  What do you think might be growing in there, all around you, maybe bacteria and other bugs?

Consider the Earth.  One big closed room with no windows or doors (remember “atmosphere”?).  There’s no way out; no exit.

Now, I invite you to view the images below and ask yourself again:  Do Humans have an impact on the climate, the weather, the environment. . .?  (I can see some people getting very warm right now)

A Less-Dramatic analogy would simply be this:

10 people share one room.  Describe what that’s like.  Compare that to the Big (but Small) Earthroom.


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