It Rained Because I Prayed. . .Really?

I predicted this (I guess that makes me a prophet?).

Tropical Weather

People Praying for Rain

“Jesus Make it Warm!” (how to teach your 4 year old the meaning of prayer)

After all these years, prayer still confuses me.

Maybe because those who pray confuse me.

Or Their God confuses me. . .at least the Theology of Prayer does:

God is waiting for me–yes, ME–before doing pretty much anything (adjusting the weather, healing someone, stopping a war, etc)

Look, I know there is “meditative/contemplative prayer” and “praising the Lord” and “being in the Presence” kind of prayer.  I know that.  But here’s the thing:  No disrespect to the innocent pleas of simple people, but isn’t prayer an extreme act of selfishness, even when praying for someone else, maybe especially when praying for someone else (THEIR prayers aren’t good enough or aren’t really heard so God is waiting for ME to ask)?

I used to pray a lot. . .No, really, A LOT. . .and prayer is a Very Strange thing.

I cancelled my account.

My prayer-free prediction:. . .the rain will stop. . .and it will rain again someday. . .and I KNOW it will, over and over. . .without divine cloud-squeezing (sneezing?)

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