Outrage! Slam! War On Something! Photobombs!

Keep calm.  I’m not mad or troubled today. . .except bothered by the way so much violent language has seeped into so much speech.


Keep an eye and ear on this.  In our words, our writing, our daily news.

“We’re outraged about [anything]!”

“She slammed him on that show”

“He attacked her in that article”

“They hit them with another photobomb”

“Let’s fight this War on [anything]!”

We need to calm down, don’t you agree?

Take a deep breath and not make it all so dramatic and forever all about ME and MY and MINE.

Let’s cut the fighting words.

BTW, I’m trying to re-learn the hard lesson about taking another person’s anger or bitterness or disrespect and deflecting that in order to dissipate or dissolve the negative energy.  I know that sounds like psycho-babble or maybe just impossible, but I find I need to practice the art of toning down the angry, negative, dumping that some do.  It’s like a gentle form of mental martial arts, I guess (but that’s more fighting).  I’m reminded by the many times as a street chaplain when we had to handle the “psychic tornadoes” someone would bring into a room or the “psychic vampires” who could just suck the goodness out of the area sometimes.

Maybe most of this “bad juju” with all the bad attitudes, “outrageous” language and “us versus them” crap needs to be calmed.

OR, these people need to take their WARS elsewhere!

No, I’m not outraged. . .just calling for sanity, safety and a bit more peace.

Better journalism would help.

We can all find plenty to agitate us.  Why not smile more, laugh more, take a break from all the “language wars”?

How about that?

Are you with me on that?


2 thoughts on “Outrage! Slam! War On Something! Photobombs!

  1. And such warrior language would arise less if all of us bloggers cut down on the rants and strong reactions, even with subjects we are deeply emotional about. Calmness, as chaplain know, lets new possibilities and subtle shadings of reality arise.

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