Bible Minded

For those of us who had our brains bible-washed over the years. . .

Most Bible-Minded Cities (NPR)

Disturbing to think how many, in so many cities, are distracted by ancient texts.

Now, for some Real “Good News”. . .

"The Bible of Nature"
“The Bible of Nature”

One of my favorite “Natural Chaplains” is John Muir (alongside Walt Whitman, John Burroughs, Thoreau. . .).

Here’s what Muir said (in My Boyhood and Youth) about the way his preacher father “taught” the “Good Book”:

“In addition to [committing the whole of the French, Latin and English grammars to memory], father made me learn so many Bible verses every day that by the time I was eleven years of age I had about three-fourths of the Old Testament and all of the New by heart and by sore flesh.  I could recite  the New Testament from the beginning of Matthew to the end of The Revelation without a single stop.”

Thankfully for Muir, and for others of us who soaked our brains in scripture for years, something saved him from the tyranny of “God’s Book.”

“Wildness was ever sounding in our ears, and Nature saw to it that besides school lessons and church lessons some of her own lessons should be learned. . .school cares and scoldings, heart thrashings and flesh thrashings alike, were forgotten in the fullness of Nature’s glad wildness.”

Those who pride themselves in “Bible knowledge,” who indoctrinate the innocent minds of children, or pickle their minds in the pure and holy books of any Religion, should heed the voice of the Scotsman crying out in the wilderness:  Prepare Ye the Way of Wild Nature!


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