It’s My Right!

This Bill is Now DUE!
This Bill is Now DUE!

Rights are quite popular, aren’t they?  Maybe they have the Right to be!  Everyone has rights and a right to tell all the rest of us what their rights are.  What a wonderful world we live in.

Here’s a short riff on RIGHTS. . .just because I have the right, and claim the right, to write!

*You may have/claim the “right”

To push your rights in my face, make me hear you, force me to have to consider whether your rights really should be the rights of all the rest of us and try to convince me (probably by shouting down any other voices) your right is Right.

AND, I may have/claim the “right”

To listen for a little while then disagree and change the channel, OR I may choose to agree that you DO have the right you’re so passionate about and support you. . .OR I decide your right isn’t really Right and I choose to protect the rights of the rest of us from your rights so I exercise my right to vote so your rights don’t take over everyone else’s rights.

*You may have/claim the “right”

To fly your drone over me taking pictures while I’m sitting on my lawn or walking on a hillside. . .(think of the growing use of personal drone cameras)

AND, I may have/claim the “right”

To shoot it down (or, less violently) to hit it with a rock, since it’s my right to own a gun and defend myself (shooting anything that scares me), my right to see birds that you scare off, my right not to be on your film, my right to look up and enjoy the sky free of junk and my right to throw rocks hat “accidentally” destroy obnocious toys that people have the ridiculous right to whizz over our heads because they claim it’s their right. . .

*You may have/claim the “right”

To stand on the sidewalk and force me to see you, hear you, feel sorry for you and endure your pathology or preaching (or both). . .(think of the current abortion protest zone debate in the Supreme Court)

AND, I may have/claim the “right”

To ignore you, step around you, ask you to leave me alone, report you or follow you the rest of the day making you see me and hear my preaching about your peculiar pathological need to be in the faces of others whether they like it or not (imagine encircling the entrance of an Evangelical Mega-Church every Sunday morning. . .hey, it’s our right isn’t it?  Free Speech!)

*You may have/claim the “right”

To own all the guns you want, any type of weapon to use for any purpose you wish (think of the Religion of Guns)

AND, I may have/claim the “right”

To not own a gun or have a loaded one next door, to vote for common sense laws that restrict your deadly weapons and their use, do all I can to protect my child and others from the rabid gun and war culture,  to protect wildlife (especially on public lands) from “hunters” with a Budweiser in one hand and a military-grade weapon in the other, the right to question why you are so violent and afraid (which I have the right to point out is a dangerous combination), the right to calmly inquire why you never grew up, and the right to throw your ass in jail when you become enraged at my liberal rights and aim your guns at me, especially after I assure you I defend your right to be stupid.

Oh, let’s talk about one more “right,” shall we?

*You may have/claim the “right”

To own all the dogs you want, any type of dog and let them do (and doo) anything, anywhere, anytime you want (think of. . .no, just look at the bottom of your shoe and the explosion of DOGS)

AND, I may have/claim the “right”

To tell you, and your poochy pet, “NO!”  To walk safely with my family, to raise my sturdy “dog-trainer” stick and use it to “train” your aggressive dog when it comes at me (and YOU if you come at me. . .this really happened to me on a walk recently!), to sleep at night without having to hear you OR your dog barking, to pressure local authorities to enforce leash laws and make dog-owners be responsible and liable, and the right to make you take your rights and bite them!  Take that and chew it!  Grrrrr.

AL-RIGHT, I’ll stop.  It’s not that I’m angry. . .well, yes, I am. . .but I have the RIGHT to be angry, don’t I?


{Calm breath. . .take a walk. . .wary eye for dogs, guns, drones and streetpreachers. . .the right to be wrong. . .how wrong it can be to be so Right sometimes. . .think the “Religious Right”. . .the need to be “righteous”. . .}


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